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Watch expert insights from over twenty bestselling authors and industry experts. Your digital registration allows you a full year of access to the 2019 Inkers Con presentations, workshops, and panels - all available online!  

The conference agenda is focused on skills that will increase your book sales, reader base and income. Improve your writing, hone your processes, and network with other authors via our online forum and virtual events.  

Experience the opportunities of a live writing conference, all from the comforts of home!


 The digital conference is almost here!


 Has your author career plateaued? 

Have you lost your love of writing? 

Are you overwhelmed with tasks that don't seem to be helping sales?

There are so many different facets to writing and publishing. So many decisions to make. 

I urge you to take a deep breath and move in an easier direction - one that involves less work, better novels, easier marketing and hassle-free advertising. 

The first step in that direction is to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills.

Below are descriptions of the twenty-four classes, workshops and panels that are included in your Inkers Con registration. These one-hour video presentations are on-demand, allowing you to start, pause, rewind, and rewatch at your own pace. 

Please take a moment to read through these presentations and think about how this knowledge could change your career.