Writing Classes

Five Ways to Improve Your Story: Ways to amp up your novel and keep your readers begging for more.  

Editing Yourself: The 5 most common plot fails and grammatical errors that self-published authors make.  

Outlining for Pantsers: Learn different outlining techniques and how to keep your motivation and creative juices flowing while writing faster, smarter and more coherently.  

Stealing from Hollywood: Gain a deeper understanding of your characters by employing the same ideals used by some of the world’s greatest actors and actresses.  

Consistent Characters: Learn about the Enneagram, a personality typing system, and how it will help you create consistent, three dimensional characters.

Seven Deadly Sins of Page One: In this class, we'll take you on a cautionary tour through the pits of page-one hell, complete with agent pet peeves, reader turn-offs, and "thanks but no thanks" editorial dealbreakers.

Troubleshooting Your Novel: Struggling with a difficult manuscript? Well, if it’s stopped being fun or if you’ve just been staring at the same slumping word-heap for way too long now – don’t give up! We’ll load up your toolbox with problem-solving techniques for novelists’ most frequent creative conundrums.

List of Full Presentations