Live Conference

MAY 4-5, 2019

  • Two intensive days designed to propel your career, sales, and earnings to the next level

  • Learn from industry experts and bestselling authors on a variety of unique topics

  • Two tracks of learning allow for a wider array of topics, allowing attendees to custom-design a conference itinerary to best fit their needs

  • High-quality video recordings of every event will allow attendees to rewatch sessions, or catch up on any that they missed

  • Networking opportunities will allow for friendship and business relationship growth between author attendees

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Workshops, and lectures on how to increase sales, earn more money, and get your novels into more reader hands.


Workshops on improving your novel, blurb, editing, and plotting processes, to bring your writing to the next level.

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Lectures and panels designed to improve your productivity, profit margins, risk factors and business plans.



What will Make or Break Your Book Launch: Top publicists discuss the hottest trends in social media and promotions, killer marketing strategies and why some books take off and other books flop.

Secrets of a Successful Backlist: Learn from Authors who make over half of their annual income off of their backlist. What works, what doesn't, and how much you should be investing in those old books.

Widening Your Sales: Strategies to build your following on iBooks, Nook, Kobo and GooglePlay

Kindle Unlimited Marketing Strategies: How and why you should market your KU books in a different manner versus a traditional, widely distributed novel.

Nailing Your Next Launch: This step-by-step workshop includes worksheets and to-do lists that will help you master your next release.

Everything you don’t know about Goodreads: Leave this workshop with a step-by-step guide to your next release on Goodreads. Learn do’s and don’ts, secret free ways to promote, and how to get your book into top reviewers’ hands.

Newsletter Success: Learn the keys to a successful newsletter and what you can do to immediately increase signups, open rates and purchase conversions.


Secrets of Digital Marketing Geofencing, retargeting, and native ads - hidden avenues that could lead to amazing results!

Why aren't my Facebook Ads working? Troubleshooting with a Facebook Ads Expert to help you understand why some ads flop, tweaks you can make to improve your existing ads, and the common problems that lead to high cost-per-clicks and poor conversion.

The Keys to Amazon Sales There are secrets to Amazon’s powerful book engine—find out how to give your book its best chance of success among your millions of competitors. Learn about algorithms, rank, bestseller lists, and using Amazon Ads properly, to achieve maximum visibility.

Advanced Amazon AMS Ads Troubleshooting, Keyword Insight, and Optimization

Advanced Ad Strategies for Authors Advance strategies and multiple source plans for seasoned advertisers.


Five Ways to Improve Your Story: What makes one story stand out from another? How do you keep readers glued to the pages and raving over your plot? This workshop will share five ways to amp up your novel and keep your readers begging for more.

Blurb Workshop: Learn best practices for a successful blurb and watch as attendee-submitted blurbs are rewritten live!

Editing Yourself: The 5 most common plot fails and grammatical errors that self-published authors make.

Outlining for Pantsers: Learn different outlining techniques and how to keep your motivation and creative juices flowing while writing faster, smarter and more coherently.

Using Humor in Your Story: This workshop focuses on the specific techniques involved in structuring jokes as narrative arcs of their own. Watch as a sample plot is solidified with examples, and learn how comedic outlines should be approached differently than a straight contemporary outline.

Stealing from Hollywood: Gain a deeper understanding of your characters using method acting. By employing the same ideals used by some of the world’s greatest actors and actresses, you’ll learn how to write characters your readers want to know, love, and root for!


Creating your Business Plan: In one hour, you’ll leave with a written plan in hand and clear goals and action steps for your business.

Law for Authors: Contracts every author should use, whether your copyright is worth the time, and what you can, and can’t, put inside your book.

Double Your Pub Rate (and your Money): Get a behind-the-scenes look at processes, time hacks, and writing systems from bestsellers who consistently publish more than five books per year.

Bare Bones Authoring: These bestselling authors will discuss the 20% of their efforts that create 80% of their sales, and tells you what you can stop (wasting time) doing.

Audiobook Intro and Marketing:  Discover recent growth in the audiobook industry and how to publish your very own audiobook, as well as unique marketing strategies that can boost your audio income.

*Tentative Agenda. Panels and Sessions could be changed, depending on speaker availability*


Hilton Plano Granite Park

5805 Granite Parkway, Plano, Texas, 75024

The Hilton was chosen for Inkers Con 2019 because of its beautiful design, comfortable areas to relax and plenty of space for great conversations.

The Hilton offers:

  • Room Rate $155 plus taxes

  • Free guest room internet

  • An on-site restaurant, bar and morning coffee shop

  • Walking distance to Granite Park Boardwalk including five restaurants

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Hosted by Alessandra Torre 

Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of eighteen novels, and the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink. She is a hybrid author, who began in self-publishing and has five traditional novels, published with Harlequin and Hachette. Her writing spans multiple genres, including contemporary fiction, suspense, romance, and erotica. Alessandra has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for Her second New York Times bestseller, HOLLYWOOD DIRT, was adapted for film by PassionFlix in 2017. Her novels have been translated in seven different languages, in over twenty countries. Alessandra is a self-publishing advocate and speaks frequently at conventions and author groups, as well as sits on the creative writing advisory board at a major university.

For her articles and writing courses, please visit